Saturday, January 1, 2011

observation and evaluation form


The observation notebook is given by the student-teacher to his critic on or before he starts the teaching. This is where the critic teacher writes her comments and counsels to the practice teacher during or after the session and it is being returned back to the student-teacher which also contributes great help to determine his strengths and flaws in that day. Since the critic teacher has the observation notebook, it implies that she must be always in the classroom to observe, but there are times that my critic teacher failed to observe me but sometimes my observation notebook is returned to me with comments. The evaluation form on the other hand is given to the critic teacher only after the practice teaching indenture.
Observation and evaluation forms comfort both the student-teacher and the critic teacher. These serve as the mirror of the student-teacher as to how he does carry out in each session, as well as the bases of the critic teacher as to how she is going to rate or give ratings to the student-teacher’s enactment like professionals do. But from my experienced in my in-campus practice teaching, the comments and suggestions in the observation notebook did not jibe with the ratings in the evaluation form.
Nevertheless, the comments in my observation notebook and the marks that I have in my evaluation form don’t matter that much, because I know I did my part, in all ways I can.

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