Sunday, January 2, 2011


Every teacher can always teach;inculcate information and knowledge to his students. But effective teaching comes only with proper planning. I mean, teacher should always be equipped with  their lesson plan, because those stuff serves as the teacher’s guide as to how he is going to execute his teaching most especially the concept intended for the meeting, and as to what strategy he is going to use to equally cater all the learners .
In my circumstance during my practice teaching at ZSCMST-CELA Laboratory High School, I was tasked to teach the fourth year class and was obliged to submit my lesson plan a day before teaching the subject matter. In my first day, I felt like I am hallucinated maybe because of the feeling of being nervous to be teaching the first section of the seniors, and the pressure that was loaded to me by my cooperating teacher, though she’s okay but I can’t deny the fact that I have to perform to the best way I can in all ways possible.
But the most vital role that I’ve ever experienced in my In-campus practice teaching was that, my critic teacher taught me a new way of writing a lesson plan which is very far from the format that I’ve learned from my Education subjects. Nevertheless, I was able to learn her way of doing so and I found it more effective than the typical and very traditional lesson plan most especially the detailed type.
Based from what I’ve learned, teachers have their own ways of teaching, planning their lessons. But despite of the differences, they have the same target and that is to meet with their objectives of their everyday lesson plan.

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