Friday, January 7, 2011


In the teaching-learning process, learners’ work plays the most important role. This is on way of assessing the students’ performance for that certain subject matter. Either they have absorbed the information from the deliberations or need further discussion among the teacher and the learners,evaluate the students’ standing; the strengths and weaknesses in that certain topic. Teacher can also determine how the students are responsive to the task assigned to them.
Somehow, some factors are to be considered in terms of assessing the teacher and students’ performance. In my case, I often give an evaluation to my students’ just right after the discussion as part of my lesson plan to determine if they have absorbed the information or if they’ve jotted down some important information in their lecture notes. But, as part of the traditional ways of teaching, teachers give an evaluation either projects,activities, assignments, chapter test, long quiz, or unit test aside from the periodical examination in every quarter of the school year.
More prominently, the learners’ work is one way of determining if both the teacher and students were able to attain the objectives of the topic intended for that day. Recalling back my erudition in my education subjects way back from my first year to third year, I’ve learned that learners’ work serves as the echo of the teacher’s performance, since it gives a view as to how the teacher executed his/her teaching strategies,methods, techniques, and approaches during the process. It also gives a replication to the teacher if he/she is an effective one.

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