Friday, January 7, 2011


As everybody says that life of a teacher is never that easy, he should be a role model and a good example to everyone. As an individual engaged to this kind of profession, he must first possess all the traits that will make him to be a stronger and a better person. Most especially on dealing with students of different personalities.
All children misbehave at some time; it is part of finding out what appropriate behavior is and where the limits are. Children may throw tantrums, test the rules, start fights, refuse to cooperate with the teacher’s house rules and routines, use bad language—the list goes on. As the teacher teachesstudents appropriate behavior, what the expected rules and boundaries are all about, it's important to remember the goals of discipline. Discipline means helping a child develop self-control and a sense of limits, experience the consequences of his/her behavior, and learn from his/her mistakes. Discipline does not mean punishment or conflict between the teacher and students. All of them need the security of knowing the rules and boundaries of behavior; without them they feel at a loss, and later on they become abusive.
Positive reinforcement is the best technique for encouraging wanted behavior. Most students crave attention and acceptance from the teacher and will work to get it. Rewards are not bribes; they are ways to show to student that she is doing a good job.But in the end, the teacher must be clear, firm and specific about what you mean, be respectful. Don't resort to name-calling or yelling. And the consequence should follow the behavior immediately. The consequence should be fair in relation to the behavior.


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