Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In whatever form or type of teaching or learning most especially in the field of education, one thing that the administrators, personnel and/or the teachers of the school has to consider is the site or location of the said learning institution. They must think through the environment if the people in there are safe, more importantly if  the place is favorable for teaching and learning.
With the case of the ZSCMST CELA Laboratory High School, since it is just adjacent the road where many forms of transference are passing by, classes are often times distressed. The students encounter difficulty in assimilating the information instilled by the teacher, and the teacher might as well speak so loud just to win the competition with the noise of the vehicles on the road. Despite of those factors that affect the teaching-leaning process, the students are still receptive to whatever task assigned to them, in the activities that the teacher gave them, and there is also a rivalry among the learners not with the noise outside but among themselves to excel in their class performance and standing.
If I will be given the opportunity to propose with regards to the location of said Laboratory High School, I would suggest to transferring it at the aquaculture campus.

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